The Bahasa Malaysia Ministry under the umbrella of the English-Speaking Presbytery of the Gereja Presbyterian Malaysia, seconded Pastor Ivung Merang to Gereja Grace Batu Pahat in the year 1997. Pastor Ivung together with his family shifted to Batu Pahat to begin the Bahasa Malaysia-Speaking work. It started with three members, one orang asli and two from Sabah. Besides this, we had five members from GGBP to assist us to form this Ministry.

  • Through the encouragement and initiative of the English-Speaking Presbytery then and that all the ESP churches to be in full responsibility to care and undertake the BM pastors in their ministries in their local churches, Gereja Grace Batu Pahat was the first English-Speaking Presbyterian church to do so.
  • The Bahasa Malaysia-Speaking Services were then held on Sunday evenings at 8.00 pm in Saving Grace Church, Jln Mohd Akil. Pastor Ivung and his wife, Epong, moved around visiting factories and restaurants to see if there were East Malaysians and Indonesian Christians working there in order to invite them for the Sunday BM Services. These workers were very earnest to attend but they had transport problems. Pastor Ivung took the extra step to voluntarily pick them to church and bring them back after the church services.
    By the year 1999 when Gereja Grace shifted to this present premise in Taman Bandar, the BM-Speaking Services too shifted together and we held our services at the Fellowship Hall of the Administration Block. The number of BM-Speaking members increased through the years. The Fellowship Hall could not contain more and we had to use the sanctuary.
  • The Bahasa Malaysia Ministry known as KEBAKTIAN BAHASA MALAYSIA (KBM) meets every Sunday at 1.30 PM for service. The students from UTHM and IPTHO have been actively participating in the services each Sunday. Transport is arranged for those who need it. Many of the Indonesian workers and domestic maids have returned to their homeland due to their completion of their contracts here in Peninsula Malaya.
    We thank God for His providence and His protection throughout the years and in all things.
    Puji Tuhan !


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