The name, Senior Citizens’ Club or Organization, is more commonly used outside the church. Here in our church, we are called the Jireh Fellowship of GGBP. Praise God we are all growing old gracefully by the grace of God. Those who join this fellowship are those who are 50 and above, the oldest being more than 80 years old. Some who are so called underage, that is below 50, cannot resist joining some of our activities.
We always try to make people feel at ease in every meeting and activity. We invite our friends to join us to enjoy with us. Christians are not square; we have fun time together, we enjoy and do things together — learning God’s Word, singing oldies, dancing, caring, going on outings and so on. We want to be connected with the good company God has made for us though none of us are perfect.
We organize talks like “How to Grow Old Gracefully”, “Diet Talk for Healthy Living for the Elderly”, “Human Heart”, “Human Eyes”, “Do’s & Don’t’s of Medication”, “Caring for Terminally ill Patients”, “Fruit and Fruitfull Golden Years”.
Other activities include BBQ, Fruity Galore, Karaoke, Dinners, Visiting Nursing Homes & Elderly Folks, Gospel Meeting, Retreats out of Batu Pahat.
Check out some of our activities below:

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