Pusat Tuisyen Kasih Kurnia (PTKK)

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In 2001, at the request of parents, Tadika teachers started the English tuition classes to reinforce the phonics learnt at the kindergarten level and to develop the children’s skill in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.
Standard 1 & 2 children have tuition classes twice a week and are taught grammar and comprehension by one teacher and phonics & other skills by another teacher. Standard 3-6 children attend classes once a week.
Our aim is to instill a love for learning English and to encourage the usage of the English language so as to raise the children’s proficiency in English.

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For further enquiries, kindly contact the Headmaster of Pusat Tuisyen Kasih Kurnia.
Pusat Tuisyen Kasih Kurnia,
No Sijil Pendaftaran (JM 0301563-P)
127 A & B, Jalan Mustapha,
83000 Batu Pahat,
Tel No: 07-4355794