Youth Fellowship

Some teens say that church is a bore,
So that is why we have fellowship for youths,
For youngsters to know of the Good News.

Welcome to our church, our big family,
Gereja Grace, in the town of BP,
We have a YF here too, slowly growing,
And God also blessed us with a new building.

Our Father has given us great committee members,
We have trusted people in charge and four advisors,
Responsible and dedicated, they helped change lives,
God’s blessings and work through them shine.

As youths, most of them usually follow the crowd,
That is how we ‘fish for men’ for the Lord.
Many non-Christians are invited in,
And the ultimate change in their lives begin.

We would never feel bored, over here,
There are lots of activities, so, no fear!
There are games and celebrations and movies too,
In each there is a Bible lesson brought to you.

We are also blessed with many talents on the instruments,
And to improve our condition, God gave us new equipment.
We have our own youth camp, which is also growing,
Our ‘crops’ multiply, as God’s Word we are showing.

So to God be the glory for all He has done,
He made our YF more than fun.
We will keep praying every day and night,
And spread the Gospel, show people that God is Light.